Additional Services Provided

Dog Washing

We are able to offer that your dog be washed or groomed on the day of collection or during its stay.

We wash dogs only here at the kennels and use a Medicated Shampoo (We can use another if provided).

Alternatively , if your pet needs a professional grooming service , you can book an appointment with K9 in St.Fergus and we can transport your pet there at no extra charge, for you to collect it directly from them or we can bring it back here for you to collect later, again at no extra charge.

Guide Rates for washing are: Small Dog - £ 12.50 / Medium Dog - £ 15.00 / Large Dog - £ 17.50

Collection and/or Return Transport.

We can collect your pet and return them to you at an agreed time and at very reasonable rates.

Guide Rates: Peterhead £ 10.00 / Fraserburgh £ 15.00 / Ellon £ 20.00 - Please ask for an exact quote at the time of booking.